1 Factory Direct Sales!Every step of our production process is carried out in our own workshops by our own staff. Our workshops have the full capacity to produce all hand-crafted products in the market with top quality and in the shortest time possible.

2 The Unique Glitter of Handicraft! Totally hand-made products are created by our expert weavers using the technique of weaving pure silver or gold threads. All maintenance and repair works of the products are done by our company in our own workshops.

3Best prices in the market! We’re working with the best cost of production in the market as we’re not affiliated with any other company in our production. As a matter of course, this is reflected in our wholesale and retail sale prices for customer satisfaction.

4 Hand-made products! If you have a model or a different design you like, just share you opinion with us, and let us design custom jewels for you. We can also provide you with all production materials if you want to design your jewels yourself.